What to expect when we act on your behalf in the conveyance of your new investment property

The following are the important steps that will occur in the conveyance of your new property to your name:

  • If you choose not to sit down for a consultation, the Estate Agent will fax, email or mail a signed copy of the Contract to Rostron Carlyle Solicitors.
  • A title search is carried out to determine if there are any encumbrances on the property not disclosed in the Contract and if there are, we will advise you immediately.
  • A plan search is carried out to ensure that the property shown on the plan is the one being purchased by you.
  • We will send you an initial letter (if possible by email) within 24 hours of receiving the Contract informing you of the important matters in the Contract including:

(a)    relevant dates by which any conditions in the Contract are to be satisfied

(b)    how much stamp duty you will have to pay and when it is payable

(c)    confirmation of our quoted fee all inclusive pricing

(d)    confirmation of the searches we propose to undertake

(e)    the letter will also contain information you need to know about:

(i)     warning statements

(ii)    the cooling off period

(iii)   insurance

(iv)   encumbrances

(v)    other relevant information relating to the Contract

(f)    copies of the searches referred to in items 2 and 3 above

  • We will provide you with a report on all the search results which disclose anything abnormal immediately they are received.
  • As your solicitors we will monitor and contact you regarding the due dates for Finance and any other conditions as and when they become due.
  • Once the Contract is unconditional, we will make the necessary arrangements with your financier (if applicable) for settlement and assist you, if required, to sign mortgage and related documentation.
  • We will provide you with draft settlement figures prior to settlement.
  • As solicitors we are authorised by the Office of State Revenue to stamp your contract in-house and we will do that within the time required by law (subject of course to us receiving funds for that purpose).
  • We ask you to forward balance settlement funds approximately 3-4 days prior to settlement should your financier not be providing all funds necessary for settlement.
  • We will arrange and attend settlement on your behalf with both your financier and the seller.
  • As soon as is practicable after settlement we will contact you by phone or by email to advise that settlement has taken place.
  • We will send final confirmation of settlement to you enclosing the relevant pages of your stamped contract and final Settlement Statement by mail within two working days after settlement.

For more information in relation to your conveyance, please contact our helpful team.


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