Excellent Result – Drug Driving Sentence

Rostron Carlyle Solicitors appeared for a client charged with driving under the influence.

The client was sentenced for driving under the influence of methylamphetamine, amphetamine, alprazolam, MDMA, and cannabis and then proceeding through a red arrow at the traffic lights in Brisbane city.

After submissions from our criminal division of Rostron Carlyle the client received a $1000.00 fine and was suspended from driving for 7 months. This was an excellent outcome for the client given the minimum disqualification period is 6 months up to a maximum of 5 years.

This is another excellent result for the criminal law division.

I would like to pass on my appreciation of the high standards we received from Rostron Carlyle. Their attention to detail, follow up and understanding of underlying issues made the final outcome far better than what we imagined.

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