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Wills & Estates

Estate Planning

The firm’s Wills and Estates practice specialises in developing a comprehensive estate plan, ensuring you are protected in life and after by ensuring that your assets are preserved for your intended beneficiaries. Together with your accountant and financial planner, we achieve the best outcomes for you and your family.

We have extensive knowledge of the law and a wealth of experience in estate planning. We can assist you in creating an Enduring Power of Attorney and registering an Advanced Health Directive to assure you that your wishes regarding medical care are respected if you were to lose the capacity.

Probate and Estate Administration

It is important to administer a deceased estate both effectively and according to the will of the deceased. We can assist in this time of need by handling all of the matter on your behalf, including (but not limited to) the applications for a grant of probate, letters of administration of the estate and to advise you on your obligations as an executor or administrator.

Estate Litigation

In the event that a dispute arises in relation to an estate, a will generally, the intentions and capacity of the deceased when making the will, or any other area relating to an estate, our team can assist.

We are able to advise you regardless of whether you are the person challenging the will or an executor, administrator or a beneficiary responding to a challenge.