How to make sure you don’t pay too much for a legal team

1st Jul 2013

A relationship breakdown can be extremely painful and stressful, particularly if there are children involved. In most cases there is a lot of anger and bitterness between the two partners, which can cause animosity. There are often assets that need to be divided up, which can cause arguments. Disputes over who gets custody of the children can sometimes turn very nasty as well. It is because of this that it is advised that before you embark upon negotiations with your ex-partner, that you employ a trusted a lawyer who specialises in family law.

Having a decent lawyer on your side will take the bulk of the stress out of your situation. They can mediate and negotiate on your behalf, and make sure everything that has been agreed is lawful.

Rostron Carlyle is one of Brisbane’s leading law firms with combined experience of 40 years.  They pride themselves on offering first class service, which only has your best interests at heart. They will always try to resolve your issue by negotiations, but should your case end up in court, Rostron Carlyle’s team of highly experienced lawyers will be able to guide you through the process seamlessly.

Some people are afraid to approach a solicitor out of fear they will rack up huge legal bills, which they will not be able to pay. But Rostron Carlyle will discuss the financial elements to your case before you start, so you know exactly what costs will incur should you proceed. They understand that approaching a lawyer can be intimidating, which is why they are happy to provide each and every client clear guidelines about their issue and told what their options are before the case begins. It is always recommended you discuss costs and legal bills with your solicitor before you agree to their representation, so you both understand exactly where you both stand.

With six partners and 30 professional staff employed, Rostron Carlyle have a wealth of experienced lawyers on board, who can assist you with most family law areas, including divorce, surrogacy, domestic violent cases and child maintencnce.  Their unique, professional and trustworthy service will give you peace of mind, whilst delivering you the results that you require.

Call Rostron Carlyle on 1300 MyLawyer for more information.

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