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Social Media

  • What agreements should include social networking clauses?

    Social networking clauses should be considered for inclusion in a wide range of commercial agreements. The questions are which agreements warrant such a clause and why should they be included? Social media has pervaded every aspect of our lives. I recently found out about my nephew’s engagement from Facebook no less! Few > Read More

  • Adverse actions claims – managers warned to consider who they befriend online

    The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (Act) expands employee protection against breach of ‘workplace rights’ and discrimination. The ‘adverse action’ provisions under the Act will compel employers to be more cautious when making decisions that affect employees, which may include interactions on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Overview of > Read More

  • LinkedIn – is your confidential information really confidential?

    LinkedIn and various Social Networking Sites (SNS) are creating new challenges for the protection of an Organisation’s Confidential Information. Confidential Information includes Client Contact information as well as Connections made by Employees on SNS. Organisations should ensure that their employment contracts and Social Media Policies protect against the transfer of Confidential Information > Read More

  • Can your social media page be used in evidence?

    Using information from social networking websites in litigation is expected to rise, with current generations publishing more and more about themselves online. With the enormous surge in popularity of social media websites such as Facebook employers are nervously watching how the use of these websites will impact workplace relations. What is the > Read More

  • Can you be served a legal document via your social media profile?

    In what appears to have been a world-first decision, an Australian court allowed service of court documents via a social networking website where personal service was impractical and the court was satisfied that service by Facebook will bring the document to the relevant party’s attention. MKM Capital Pty Ltd v Corbo & > Read More