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Rostron Carlyle prepares legal articles and papers for its clients on various areas of law.
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  • Letter to India

            Australia and India share the same National Day, 26 January. Yet as countries they are similar but different. Both India and Australia have ancient civilizations, except that India’s civilization is readily recognised, but Australia’s indigenous civilization is not. Both countries are expansive in geography, but India has a > Read More

  • New Entrepreneur Visa

    On 10 September 2016 the Australian Government introduced a new Entrepreneur Visa, adding it to the suite of existing Business Migration and Investor Visas.  This new visa is consistent with the Prime Minister’s vision of developing Australia into an innovative society. The visa is for people who are able to undertake a > Read More

  • Australian Business Migration

      Interested in migrating to Australia under Australia’s Business Migration Program?  It has never been easier if you are interested in moving to Queensland! Until recently the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) has been a popular platform especially for the Chinese wanting to move to Australia.  But since 1 July 2015 the rules > Read More

  • Buying Or Investing Business in Australia For Visa Purposes

    Australia welcomes new migrants interested in moving to Australia to establish a business or to invest in Australia.  This guide will inform you about the process. There are a number of available business and investment options. This can be confusing, but we can explain the law, the process, and canvass the most > Read More

  • Foreign Investment – the new regime arrives

    The long awaited changes to Australia’s foreign investment regime have now been introduced into Federal Parliament, and are expected to be law in December 2015. Consistent with the Government’s statements, the aim of the new regime has two aims: to strengthen the enforcement of our foreign investment rules; and increase the transparency > Read More

  • Employer Sponsored Visas for over 50 year olds

    It is a well-known fact that anyone over 50 years old will find it hard to obtain permanent residence visa in Australia unless it is a Family related visa or a Business Innovation & Investment visa.  It is not commonly known, but in certain circumstances a person over 50 can still apply > Read More

  • New Work and Holiday Program for Chinese Nationals

    An exciting new Work and Holiday Visa has been initiated as a result of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement that was signed on 17 June 2015. The purpose of this program is to build closer cultural ties between China and Australia. It is also consistent with other Australian Work & Holiday Visas > Read More

  • New Skilled Occupation List

    The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection announced on 30 June 2015 changes to the current Skilled Occupation List (SOL). From 1 July 2015, Panel beaters and Cabinet makers will be added to the skilled occupation list. Minister Cash said “Cabinet makers and panel beaters make a valuable contribution to the > Read More

  • What ChAFTA will mean for Visas

    On 17 June 2015 the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was formalised in Canberra when both countries signed the Agreement that was agreed in principle on 17 November 2014 when President Xi Jinping visited Australia for the APEC Summit. This agreement will be a boost for Australian agribusiness, manufacturing and tourism > Read More

  • Premium Investor Visa – what’s it all about?

    The Australian Government has introduced a new stream of Visa called The Premium Investor Visa (PIV). It is targeted at talented entrepreneurs and innovators with a minimum investment of $15 Million. The PIV will be implemented from 1 July 2015. Applicants can only be nominated by Austrade and can make an application > Read More

  • Federal Budget Ramifications

    As a result of the Federal Budget announced on 12 May 2015, the Government has announced that some of its visa fees will increase by more than the usual CPI increases. Some visa fees will increase significantly, and if you know of anyone who is considering lodging the following visa applications, it > Read More

  • Update on SIV and PIV

    On 15 May 2015 the Government announced the new complying investment framework (PDF) for the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) and Premium Investor Visa (PIV) program to be implemented from 1 July 2015. Under the new program, both Austrade and the State and Territory Governments will be nominators for the SIV, and Austrade > Read More

  • Foreign Property Investment under new laws

    Australia generally recognises the value of foreign investment and migration to its economic and social future. Australia offers a clean and friendly society and safe investment opportunities which attract many foreign residents. Buying property in Australia and migration for an Australian lifestyle has never been more popular for foreign buyers. However, the > Read More

  • Changes to the Temporary Skilled (Subclass 457) visa

    On 21 April 2015 the Government announced changes to the Temporary Skilled (Subclass 457) visas. These changes confirm the recommendations made by Assistant Minister Michaelia Cash on 18 March 2015 in the Government’s Response to the 457 Integrity Review. The Government has instituted the following changes: English Language Testing: • the list > Read More


    On 18 March 2015 the Government announced its response to a review of the 457 visa programme. Of the 51 recommendations made by the Review Panel, the Government supported or supported in principle all but two of the recommendations. The reforms will strengthen the integrity of the subclass 457 programme and will > Read More

  • SIV Success – A Case Study

    Another happy client for Rostron Carlyle. On Friday 27 February 2015, Rostron Carlyle was informed that it had another successful visa application. This time it was for a Significant Investor Visa (SIV) client from China. Significant Investor Visa is an Australian visa that caters for the high net worth individuals who have > Read More

  • Changes to the SIV and the new PIV Schemes

    The Australian Government has released some proposed changes to the Significant Investor Visa Scheme (SIV) and some proposed policy guidelines for a new Premium Investor Visa (PIV) . These proposals are intended to meet the current economic policies of the Australian Government by directing investment through the visa schemes into more dynamic > Read More

  • SIV Residency Changes

    Late last year, the Australian Government mooted some changes to the residency requirements for the Significant Investment Visa (SIV). These changes have now been finalised, and the following residency requirements will apply to SIV applicants from 1 July 2015.  To comply with the permanent residence requirement for the related subclass 888 visa, SIV > Read More

  • Australian Investment Visas

      Welcome to 2015! This year will see the Australian Government increasing its drive to promote investment visas as a vehicle for people wanting permanent residence in Australia. Although the facts show that a big proportion of applicants have been wealthy Chinese investors so far, the criteria has universal appeal and there > Read More

  • Need short-term skilled workers in Australia now? An Alternative to the 457 Visa

    A new Visa is being proposed that will allow companies and businesses to bring their staff to Australia for specialised work for up to a year. A key feature of this proposed Visa is that it would not require the stringent language and skills testing that the 457 visa requires. This visa > Read More

  • Proposed scrapping of the Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa

    The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has recommended dropping the Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 next year. The Subclass 476 visa was introduced in 2007 and allows recent engineering graduates of eligible universities to gain up to 18 months of skilled work experience in the Engineering Field in Australia. The > Read More

  • Visa Opportunities under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

    On Monday, 17 November 2014, the Chinese and Australian governments completed negotiations for a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) in Canberra when a Declaration of Intent was signed.  This ChAFTA will transform the trade and investment linkages between Australia and China, and will impact on a wide spectrum of areas across both > Read More

  • New ‘Premium Investor Visa’ and changes to the Significant Investor Visa

    Soon after the Coalition government came to power in 2013, the Minister for Immigration announced that the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) will be reviewed.  In March 2014 the government announced a review of the SIV to ensure that it benefited the Australian economy and it was made more attractive to applicants. The > Read More

  • Good news for Parent and other family Visas

    As a result of a successful disallowance motion made in the Senate on Thursday 25 September2014, it will be possible for people in non-contributory parent and other family visa categories to apply for these visas again.  See below for this range of visas. The disallowance motion was made against the Migration Amendment (Repeal > Read More

  • Significant Investor Visas

    Significant Investor Visas (SIV) is a visa that was introduced in November 2012.  It has developed a great deal of interest because of the magnitude of the investments that it promises to bring into the country. Soon after the current Government came into power, the Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, indicated that > Read More

  • Conflict in Syria and Iraq

    The Government has announced on Sunday 17 August 2014 a humanitarian response to the turmoil unfolding in the Middle East.  The Government has announced an allocation of 4,400 places for people affected by the tragedy because of their religion, or if they are a persecuted ethnic minority. Most of these places are > Read More

  • Federal Government introducing new ‘designated area migration agreements’

    The Federal Government announced on 11 August 2014 an easier process for employers across the Northern Territory to import workers to fill labour shortages in large scale projects. ‘Designated area migration agreements’ are structured to allow employers of the resources industry to hire semi-skilled workers under these agreements. Foreign workers with not > Read More

  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection announces new Labour Agreement for aged-care service providers

    The Government has approved and implemented a new labour agreement to an Aged Care facility in Victoria, Fronditha Care on the 5th of August 2014. This labour agreement is the first of its kind. Senator Cash, the assistant minister, has hinted that there may be similar labour agreements following. Fronditha Care is > Read More

  • Significant Investor Visa Update

    Asset and Liabilities Check list The Significant Investor Visa has generated considerable interest and many applicants from China since introduction in November 2012. However-applications continue to be delayed or rejected because of incorrect or inadequate documentation about assets and liabilities supplied with the applications. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border protection > Read More