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Debt Collection

  • How hard is it to show a “genuine dispute” in setting aside a statutory demand?

    Answer: Not very hard. A party who is claiming a debt from a company will often want to consider the quickest and most cost-effective way for recovery. A drawn out court case over many months can often lead to a very unsatisfactory result, including lost time and legal fees. For these reasons, > Read More

  • Civil Enforcement Warrants: Enforcement Officers and the Queensland Police

    Chapters 19 and 20 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 contain the rules for enforcing civil money orders and non-money orders. Those rules include rules permitting the Court to issue various types of civil enforcement warrants. Execution of those warrants is often the task of the Court’s enforcement officers. Under section > Read More

  • Has your company been served with a Statutory Demand?

    If your company has been served with a creditors statutory demand for payment you must act with urgency, as allowing it to expire can cause irrevocable harm. The most simple way that a company can be wound up and liquidators appointed is when an application is brought after the expiry of a > Read More

  • Common questions and answers for using caveats over real property in debt collection

    Common questions and answers for using caveats over real property in debt collection What is a caveat? A caveat is a formal notice lodged on real property, which stops any person (including the registered proprietor) from dealing with the real property. Who may lodge a caveat? Any person claiming an estate or > Read More

  • Enforcement of judgements in Queensland

    Enforcement warrant for seizure and sale of land How do you place an enforcement warrant over a debtor’s land? You need: A Certified Copy of Enforcement Warrant for Seizure and Sale of Property this must show the address of the property you are placing a writ over; and To notify the Enforcement > Read More

  • 10 Golden Rules of Credit Control

    1. Consider whether you need to provide credit in the first place Many businesses will provide credit without considering whether their clients require or expect it. Even worse, many businesses become unwilling credit providers. Have you ever delivered stock, cash on delivery, and not been paid at the time of delivery? Have > Read More