Rostron Carlyle Lawyers is a market leading law firm servicing clients around Australia and throughout Asia. We are a recognised commercial law firm specialising in corporate, commercial, property, litigation, insolvency and construction matters but also offer a wide range or personal legal services to individuals.

What sets Rostron Carlyle apart is our professionals’ personal skills. Technical excellence in the law is commonplace, the ability for lawyers to relate and empathise with clients, regardless of the nature of their legal issue, is rarer. Rostron Carlyle’s philosophy and values focus on innovation, commitment and honesty, combined with our ‘relaxed professionalism’. This approach appeals to our clients and staff alike, where we strive to be more than just lawyers, but people upon whom you can rely. This attitude has been the cornerstone of our growth and success, and why we take great pride in the long term relationships we build together with clients.

Recent NEWs

  • Rostron Carlyle set to continue partnership with Valley Chamber of Commerce

    18th May 2016

    Rostron Carlyle will once again partner with the Valley Chamber of Commerce to support local businesses in the inner-city area by renewing their sponsorship of the organisation for the second consecutive year. Managing Partner of Rostron Carlyle’s Corporate, Commercial and Property Practices, Gavin McInnes, said the continued sponsorship was about supporting the > Read More

  • Pre-emptive rights of purchase under leases

    12th May 2016

    A pre-emptive right of purchase (which is often referred to as a first right of refusal) allows tenants to have some control over how their landlord may deal with the premises. In a recent decision of Mayfair Property Holdings Pty Ltd v Southland Packers Pty Ltd [2106] QSC 27, the Supreme Court > Read More

  • How should I set up my business?

    12th May 2016

    You’re motivated, you’re experienced, you’ve had enough of working for others and you’re ready to start your own business.  Apart from the many financial, compliance and licensing matters you need to address, serious consideration needs to be given at the outset to the structure of the entity that will be running your > Read More

  • The pitfalls of do it yourself wills

    12th May 2016

    The purpose of drafting a will is to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes when you pass away. As such wills and estate planning may appear straightforward particularly since will kits can be purchased from your local newsagent; However, these do it yourself (DIY) wills may result in > Read More

  • An offer or a contract – Is email communication enough to form a binding contract?

    12th May 2016

    It is no surprise given the easy and instantaneous nature of email communication that emails are rapidly becoming the main exchange point for negotiations of contract terms. Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, purchaser of property or a business or tenant looking to enter into a lease, it is becoming > Read More

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