Rostron Carlyle Lawyers is a market leading law firm servicing clients around Australia and throughout Asia. We are a recognised commercial law firm specialising in corporate, commercial, property, litigation, insolvency and construction matters but also offer a wide range or personal legal services to individuals.

What sets Rostron Carlyle apart is our professionals’ personal skills. Technical excellence in the law is commonplace, the ability for lawyers to relate and empathise with clients, regardless of the nature of their legal issue, is rarer. Rostron Carlyle’s philosophy and values focus on innovation, commitment and honesty, combined with our ‘relaxed professionalism’. This approach appeals to our clients and staff alike, where we strive to be more than just lawyers, but people upon whom you can rely. This attitude has been the cornerstone of our growth and success, and why we take great pride in the long term relationships we build together with clients.

Recent NEWs

  • When did my ex and I actually separate?

    26th August 2015

    There are many cases of married or de facto couples separating but still living together due to rental commitments, or maintaining a relationship for their children. In these circumstances, when did these couples actually separate? Generally speaking, the law determines an official date of separation as the time when one party makes > Read More

  • What happens when a beneficiary dies before they inherit assets from an estate?

    18th August 2015

    There are times when the executor is faced with the issue of determining what happens to a gift under a will when the beneficiary has passed away before the testator or has passed away before any gift was distributed to them. In accordance with s33B of the Succession Act 1981 (Qld), a > Read More

  • Employer Sponsored Visas for over 50 year olds

    11th August 2015

    It is a well-known fact that anyone over 50 years old will find it hard to obtain permanent residence visa in Australia unless it is a Family related visa or a Business Innovation & Investment visa.  It is not commonly known, but in certain circumstances a person over 50 can still apply > Read More

  • How final are “final orders” made in the Family Court?

    4th August 2015

    When a Family Law court has made a “final order” in relation to the parenting arrangements for a child at the conclusion of a court case, under what circumstances will the court be prepared to consider another application by the parties to vary, remove or make new orders relating to those parenting > Read More

  • Liability of guarantors where misleading and deceptive conduct by lender

    31st July 2015

    Failing to inform all guarantors about the terms of any variation of loan terms can be a risk for lenders, and can constitute misleading and deceptive conduct and release guarantors from liability. In Adisan Pty Ltd v Irwin [2015] NSWCA 217, the facts were that in 2007, a loan agreement between the > Read More

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